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Donation Centre

Summer 2024

Donate our mission for mental health and well-being


By buying the creation offered by the artist you donate purchases of art materials.

Elisabeth Richardson is an abstract artist using amazing vibrant colours for true inspiration. She is passionate about supporting mental health and well-being with her vibrant and colourful artwork in our sound and colour therapy. Not only did she give us her time and talent, but She generously donated a beautiful painting as well to help us raise funds for purchasing art materials and supplies for our supportive workshops. Elisabeth is a role model for others, as she is willing to go above and beyond to help those in need. We are so proud to have her as part of our team and grateful for all that she does for our mission. Her passion and dedication to helping those in need are an inspiration to us all and we hope that her example will encourage others as well as artists to get involved in supporting mental health and well-being with us.

Creations for donation

We would like to thank all of our lovely customers who help our volunteering and donation work for the community. 

You can help children and people develop skills and mental health by not throwing away any materials you have but don't need and could be used for creative workshops, such as your children's school art materials, brushes, paints or unused papers in the office or household. Whatever you think could be useful, please bring it to The ArDe Creatree. If you are not sure whether the item is useful or not, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you don't have art materials but you still would like to help our work for skill development and mental health you can donate money by cash or card in the shop or online through the button below

or with buying the cakes and/or the item offered for a donation above.

Please note we are not a registered charity yet.  We only search for unused art materials or swap items to buy art materials and work together with artists who are happy to do workshops for skill development and mental health as volunteering. 

We put together what we have and move the world for good.
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