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The ArDe Creatree aims to include those with any level of experience

in our unique, artist-led workshops.

Participants will have the opportunity to create, while simultaneously learning about ways in which mindful creativity can have a positive effect on their life and mental health.

We hope to explore areas such as colour psychology,

music and sound therapy and recreational therapy.

Colour Psychology

Colour psychology is the study of connections between you and colour, and the many ways you experience it: in your food, on your clothes, in art you create and so on. These studies have led to an increased understanding of a field known as colour therapy, or chromotherapy, which is based on the idea that every colour on the visible light spectrum has a unique wavelength and vibration that can even affect the human body.

Some examples of common beliefs around colours, particularly held by alternative health clinics, are as follows: red may increase appetite; orange may improve mood and thyroid function; yellow may increase concentration and ease arthritis symptoms; green may calm you and promote a healthy metabolism; blue may suppress appetite and ease migraine symptoms; and indigo may improve mental health.

Music and Sound Therapy

Music therapy can involve activities that you may already enjoy, such as listening to music, singing along to music, moving to the beat of music, meditation or playing an instrument. However, it’s also been linked to numerous health benefits such as boosting immune function and easing stress. Music therapy is particularly effective against the symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some examples of mindful music or sound therapy include guided meditation, tuning fork therapy and binaural beats.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is the use of leisure activities to help people cope with various issues, be it physical, mental or emotional. Some activities that may be a part of this process include art, music, games, storytelling, creative writing, drama or community outings.

Taking part in activities such as these can help to build skills in various areas, but can also be of great help for mental wellbeing and self-esteem and even allow you to meet new people.

We are seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team as volunteers, assisting with our enriching workshop series. Whether you have expertise in a specific field, a knack for organization, or simply a love for sharing knowledge and making a difference, we welcome your contributions. The workshops cover a diverse range of topics, offering invaluable learning opportunities for participants. As a volunteer, you'll play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of these events, from assisting with setup and registration to providing support to attendees. Your commitment and enthusiasm will directly contribute to creating a positive and engaging experience for everyone involved. If you're eager to make a tangible impact and gain valuable experience, we encourage you to apply! To learn more about our current volunteer opportunities and submit your application, please visit our career page, conveniently accessible through the link provided in the footer.

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

Set your creativity wild and free

Young Girl Painting
Outdoor Yoga
Cooking Ingredients

Sunday free mind workshops to heal and treat your soul and body

- learn about colours and use them everyday for developing your well-being

- learn about healthier cooking/eating

- stretch and relax

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