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Eat ArDe

The ArDe Creatree's independent artistic Café Gallery has been founded on the idea of a homemade, flavourful discovery and a feel-good food adventure.

We serve food for balancing our thoughts, soul and body.

Cafe Gallery Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm


 Enjoy specially selected coffee, tea, homemade cakes, sandwiches and food in a creative and inspirational environment

or take the feeling with you

and enjoy ArDe

everywhere on the go! 

Visit us at

23a New Road, Chippenham

SN15 1HS

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Some of the services of our cafe

Cream or Savoury Tea

For sweet tooths, we offer a cream tea or afternoon tea with our homemade cakes and sandwiches.


For not-too-sweet tooths the same in a savoury version. Made of our unique Pogis and tasty bites.

Fresh Baked Scones

Raspberry or Blueberry Cake
to share true love

Made with love by the ArDe’s kitchen especially for you to share true love!

In a metallic silver handmade cake gift box with a heart or flower figure and a cute ribbon on top. The box opens wide, like a flower to make the moment unforgettable.

The cakes are made of homemade fresh raspberry or blueberry sauce inside out, even in the cake base, and with white chocolate and almond flakes in every layer.

Choose white Chocolate design elements if you like them on top when you are collecting.

We make all our cakes from high-quality ingredients with no preservatives and no artificial colouring.

Order with a Greeting Card! Just sign and share your love!


Found yourself in a hurry?
We've got your back

Sandwich for breakfast or brunch - salads, savouries, and cakes for snacks - prepared LOBAs for dinner freshly baked at home in one collection.

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About The ArDe's cafe

Relaxed and friendly space for customers to socialise, enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of art and design

Our takeaway service supports you on the go, travelling by train, on long journeys, visiting the park with family or if you have no time to prep food for work.

We are passionate about providing our customers with healthy, organic food and drinks.

Fresh and creative food and drinks made from ingredients that we are proud of.

We want our food, service and values to make our customers feel great about visiting us and love what we do.

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blueberry mousse cake 2 res
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apple cake and others
apple plum custard cake

Read about our Menu

We cook with love from heart to make you enjoy ArDe every day everywhere

We understand that the fast-paced nature of modern life makes it challenging to maintain a healthy diet and make fresh nutritious food.

We believe firmly that food shouldn't contain chemical preservatives or ingredients that silently and slowly harm the body.

We are proud that we use no hydrogenated oils, table salt, or artificial colouring, and we don't deep fry. We use alpine salts to help your body with essential minerals and elevate the flavours.

We only use high-quality ingredients and pure oils to bring out the best flavours in our food

We love perfect tea, fresh juices and coffee.

Come and indulge yourself with a cup of tea and our delicious homemade cakes and food in our Art Cafe &Tea Room

Our tortillas are not closed tight wraps! They are full of ingredients and flavours

For example Baked Oaty Egg with bacon and cheese or ham and onion and veggies like sweet pepper and avocado on a green salad bed in a large Tortilla

In our salad bowls,

we chop the salad leaves and all ingredients to pieces and mix a wide range of salad vegies into a bowl to make it thick and really stomach filling, which you can top as well with grilled chicken, grilled veggies, boiled egg, ham or cheese to make it fuller.

Our Menu always has surprises. Please look for a full Menu in the Cafe with daily specials.

For allergen advice please talk to our colleague and we make sure you will be fine!

We bake numerous other types of cakes and food, please enquire with one of our staff if you are looking for something specific

On daily baked goods we cannot guarantee that our dietary cakes are 100% free from as we are a kitchen/bakery using flour, nuts, etc.

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