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Not an ArDe Artist yet? 
Scroll and read the benefits of being an ArDe Artist

Join our community of talented designers and valued artists in Chippeham and surrounding areas.

Our services for artists help you to build your art business with ease!

Get started with opening your artist account, and use our platforms and all interactive features to connect with customers.

Start selling, meet other artists and customers, workshop and exhibit and let us guide you with expert advice on how to plan and take the necessary steps to grow your business.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, which we continuously develop and amend to help you succeed.






Steps to become ArDe Artist

Choose your artist plan below (free or £10 a month)

Read the details of our services for artists and make your starting plan.

Start your journey of developing your business with the benefits of our services.

If you need help with your plan you can arrange a meeting with one of our colleagues to get support in building a program and succeed.

When your shoes are hot enough we will provide you with further developmental services to continue on another level.

as ArDe Artist...

Sign up to our  Newsletter for Artists and we will send you tailored news and updates on our services

Interact and raise popularity on our online platforms, networking events, or using our showcasing services.

Enjoy the discounts not only on our services but

in the ArDe Cafe & Tea room as well.

Meet your friends and customers in the Cafe designated for you, or enjoy just by yourself and get inspired by our arty ethos.

Sell your creations in our shop and online in our webshop and on our Art & Design Facebook Market.

Workshop with your existing customers and with our customers for you in our creative room or anywhere else.

Exhibit in The Arde Gallery and make it unforgettable and productive on another level with our exhibition supporting services

Our badge system is made to value and appriciate your work.

If you are a hobby artist who doesn't want to build a business or maybe later,

but wants to be a

member of the Art & Design Community as an

ArDe Hobby Artist, interact, and meet up, maybe with a basic profile page to showcase your work and want to enjoy the benefits and discounts of our services, please choose and sign up for the "Artist Plan" and let us know you are a hobby artist and we will have services for you to make the most of your creative potential and engage with other hobby artists, enjoy time out together and get known as a hobby creator.

We bring art into life together!

Become ArDe Artist

  • Artist Plan

    no monthly fees - We charge 30% after sales
    Free Plan
    • profile page only
    • -
    • Art Community Membership
    • -
    • only public club meetings/ events
    • -
    • Sell on our Art & Design Market on Facebook / no charges
    • -
    • -
    • Sell on ArDe outdoor markets / fees apply
    • Workshop at The Creatree / fees apply
    • Sell workshops held elsewhere
    • Exhibit at The ArDe Gallery / fees apply
    • Use services for exhibitions / fees apply
    • Enjoy a 5% discount in The Cafe & Tea Room
    • Limited discounts from service fees
  • Portfolio

    Every 3 months
    £20 / month - We charge 30% after sales
    • Pofile page included
    • Dynamic online Portfolio
    • Art Community Member
    • Artist Club Member
    • Club meetings/events
    • Link own sites/socials
    • Sell on our Art & Design market on Facebook/ no charges
    • Sell in The ArDe webshop
    • Sell in the Creatree gift Shop / discounted fees
    • Sell on ArDe outdoor Markets / discounted fees
    • Workshop at The Creatree / discounted fees
    • Sell workshops held elsewhere
    • Exhibit in The ArDe Gallery / discounted fees
    • Use services for exhibitions / discounted fees
    • Enjoy a 5 % discount in The ArDe Cafe & Tea room
    • discounts in all services

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