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Within myself, there are two creative paths; the architect, and the artist. The architect, who investigates the cultural needs of a community, dwells in the more practical application of spatial awareness and construction, thereby designing a sense of place that perceives what will suit the user. The artist, however, looks to de-construct the reality of an image or place. The brush becomes the tool to suggest depth and movement of spatial qualities within a two-dimensional plane to inform the observer of his prerogative and perceptions.

I look to become a story-teller of these places, but it is the observer’s interpretation of the story that most intriguing.




Christopher Sanderson-Jones

About the creator

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Christopher is a self-taught emerging artist currently near the city of Bath, painting expressive and vibrant landscapes that draw from the locale's sense of place. Chris's paintings have been exhibited around Bath, Bristol and Cornwall, where he also continues to explore for inspiration to develop his paintings.

Working as an Architect full-time and painting with whatever spare time he can find, Chris' work is rooted between detail and abstraction. The paintings explore a range of the environments we inhabit, from cityscapes and their contrasting architectural puzzles to coastal seascapes and the wild and unpredictable forms they take.

The use of mixed media including acrylic, oil pastels and fine line pen encourage both his architectural and artistic sensibilities to paint detail surrounded by abstraction and expression. These are key aspects of his work creating unpredictable, unique and playful compositions.

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