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I’m drawn to landscape painting and enjoy treading a line between figuration and abstraction. Although I want to represent a particular landscape and convey the feeling of being in that place, I work toward the abstract and hope to create interest within the painted surface itself.




Stephen Ellis

About the creator

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Having a creative process is essential to Stephen's artwork. He begins by sketching or taking photographs to inspire his paintings. He incorporates these images into collages that serve as the starting points for his work.

From there, Stephen experiments with a range of media and techniques to create layers in the painting. He may use acrylics, watercolors, oils, mixed media, wax, ink, and more. Each layer of paint builds on the last, creating depth and texture. He often works on one painting for several weeks or even months, constantly making changes and adjustments until he is happy with the result.

Stephen loves the surprise of watching the painting develop. As he builds each layer, he can see the painting take shape and evolve in unexpected ways. This continual evolution often leads to new ideas and opportunities, allowing Stephen to explore his creative process even further.

At the end of the painting process, Stephen looks at his work with a critical eye. He considers the composition, color, texture, and overall feel of the painting. If he feels he can improve the painting, he will make adjustments until he is satisfied with the outcome.

Working on a painting is a time consuming and often laborious process for Stephen. But it is also a rewarding experience that gives him an opportunity to explore his creativity and create something unique and beautiful.

Testimonials and credentials





Associate artist at 44AD Artspace, Bath


First Prize Biennial Oexmann Art Award



Selected for Open Exhibitions Pound Arts Centre, Corsham

In the Studio

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