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Gallery and exhibition space -Ap

1 week

  • 1 minutes
  • 110 British pounds
  • 23a SN15 1HS

Service Description

Upstairs in our building, we have a lovely exhibition space, and here comes an opportunity to take your work in art on another level and showcase your amazing creations, as well as do an opening event for your exhibition to invite and welcome customers, mentors, and publishing media, which we will help you with. Prices include and charged if ordered for setting-up, cleaning and rent fees. Please note that the set-up fees can change depending on your needs. It will be negotiated in person if you have special requirements. Will be invoiced later. For example, if you need special displaying units that we need to get them on-site for you. You are very welcome to set up the exhibition and organise and do an opening event by your own to reduce costs. We can provide you with hosting and hospitality services as well for your event. They have additional charges depending on the service required and the number of guests. We will get you customers, make a live video tour of your exhibition for free and publish it on our website and social platforms and further advertising it in different ways. This will provide you with a platform for our customers and followers, enabling you to increase your presence within the area and further develop people’s understanding of your work. Please note that you will need to sign an Exhibition Agreement for a fixed term. You pay a basic service: supply+rent for 1 week for now and amend however you like when you meet our colleague for scheduling your event. See charges on page of details of artist services. Supply is charged only once in a month.Rent fees apply weekly.£90 We have set up a system where if you purchase any basic services you secure your space in the queue on the waiting list. It means if you want your exhibition in October better secure your space in the gallery as soon as possible. If your exhibition falls because of any reason more than 30 days before the event starts, the full amount paid will be transferred back to your bank account. If it falls in the last 30 days before your exhibition would start we will investigate if we had completed any works for your event and charges will apply to completed jobs and the rest of the amount will be paid back into your bank account. If you have a Portfolio with us, you will enjoy a 5-30% discount from all prices. By purchasing this service you agree to our terms and conditions of use as well as sales and the privacy policy and accept the flexibility of our services.

Contact Details

  • 23a New Road, Chippenham, UK

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